List Of Companies own by Aseidu Nketia And Sons

 General Mosquito told Party people that when people said he is stingy (P O P hand) it is because he was not given any appointments in NDC Government so he doesn’t have money to give not that he is stingy.

The question we are asking the Stingy General secretary is that what Position is Gabby Okyere Darko having in NPP today but he is richer than all Nana Addo appointees?

Asiedu Nketia and his son own the 7 most powerful companies in Ghana, their services cut across all the juicy juicy sectors like shipping, oil and gas, Construction, gold Mining, consultancy services, car business etc etc. How many Ministers or appointees who’s son owns 7 most powerful companies?

All the juicy contracts in NDC governments were channeled through Asiedu Nketia in the name of his son Kwaku Asiedu-Nketia Jr.

1. Kwaku Asiedu-Nketia Jr is the Managing Director (M.D) of KAYAB MARITIME & SHIPPING CO. LTD. Located at SSNIT flat Sakumono Estate Tema, Unique Plaza Adjacent TTB Bank community one Tema. This company was an untouchable/powerful company in charge of shipping, oil and Gas related businesses taking huge huge percentages from Ghana Port and Harbour Authority GPHA.

2. Stevedore & Port Services Ltd Oil exploration company.

3. Joy transporters ltd, Industrial Mineral Mining & transportation. This is a company that is doing gold mining (Galamsey), timber business etc etc.

4. KMSC LTD (Oil & Energy services) another oil company.

5. Kwaku Asiedu-Nketia Jr is CEO of KAN HOLDINGS.

6. TAIN BUILDERS COMPANY LTD Ghana estate company (Concretes blocks and real estate services. This is the company Asiedu Nketia uses to hijack all contracts related to construction including block factory, When JM was to build Somanya University Asiedu quickly rushed there to open block factory to supply blocks meanwhile the Constituency Executives wanted to get that small small contracts to finance party activities. Nana Addo came and relocated the University and Asiedu Nketia’s block factory is now white elephant.

Wicked begot wicked. It will interest you to know that most of the E-blocks projects across the country Asiedu Nketia was supplying materials.

7. M.D Enterprise Rent-A Car, car rentals company where most of the auction cars that supposed to be given to Constituencies were sent to this car parks for private business and party Executives were always in trotro

Those of you shouting that vote General, Vote General you are likely to walk or patronize the trotro for the next 8 years while your party is in power. Aside from all these 7 liquid cash companies, Asiedu Nketia was a cabinet member in both Prof. Mills and the JDM government. Right now Asiedu Nketia is part of article 71 holders as Chairman of Parliamentary Service board.

Being Stingy is a habitual problem not by appointments. Even poor people know how to extend helping hands to others without justifying it with their poor economic situations. Genera is suffering from credibility crises he can call us “Backing Dogs but we will not relent in speaking the truth to Comrades.

Take Note: Remember Ampofo is number 3 on the ballot and General Mosquito is number 4 on the ballot.

To be continued……..

Source: Dr. Dzakpata Amos

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