Nasty C Reveals Why He Rejects Feature Requests From Sarkodie Over The Years

  Nasty C has revealed he turned down feature requests from revered Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie for reasons he is not proud of today.

In a freestyle session on Metro FM’s  Nasty C revealed he turned down two feature requests over the years because he held a grudge against Sarkodie after their first encounter.

According to the the artist, Sarkodie would not shake his hand the first time they met hence holding a grudge against him and promising never to give him a verse should he grow into a man.

“See, when I first met Sarkodie, he wouldn’t shake my hand…

Cool, I’m not too proud to say I’m still a fan but I held a grudge and told myself to wait till I’m the man..” he rapped.

Nasty C revealed he gave “dump excuses” such as being in an album mode etc. anytime Sarkodie made a feature request was made.

Things are however not the same anymore as Nasty C reveals he would grab any other opportunity Sarkodie throws at him to give his “hardest one yet.”

“…But now I’m over that sh*t and he got all my respect

If he asked me to do a verse again, it’d be my hardest one yet” he said.

Credits : nydjlive 


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